Open Aquarium – Aquaponics and Fish Tank Monitoring for Arduino

Open Aquarium has been designed to help you to take care of your fish by automating the control and maintenance tasks that take place in the fish tanks and ponds. Open Aquarium consists of two different and complementary kits: Basic and Aquaponics, and many several extra accessories.


Great to automate the system.


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Bill & Bens HydroWorld Aquaponics

So its been a while since I wrote about what been going on with Bill & Bens HydroWorlds Aquaponic setup. You may remember we took on the ‘Bristol Fish Projects’* Tilapia last year when they lost their site. This was great as we took the fish when they were established & semi grown so we didn’t have to cycle the water. We also took on one of their IBC’s (Intermediate bulk container) which we housed in a 2.4m x 1.2m Century Grow Tent using 2 x 125w Maxi Bright CFL’s (energy saving lamps) & 150w Dual Spec HPS (high Pressure Sodium bulbs when we need a bit of a light boost.

IMG_0784 IMG_0340 IMG_0336


So having had a bit of an accident evolving a trapped air line to a temporary holding tank whilst trying to clean an infestation of Aphids from the Aquaponic area we restocked with 100 Koi Carp (The Tilapia weren’t wasted as they taste very good & last well in the freezer!)



The Koi suit our shops environment better as we don’t have to heat the water up to 25 degrees as we had for the Tilapia only a mere 21 degrees is ideal! They are also a lot more tolerant of temperature change managing to handle in a temp range from 15 to 30 degrees. Also they don’t seem to stress out too much with fluctuations of PH levels & they handle water changes very well. The Koi are a much more colourful friendly bunch who don’t mind interaction with humans (or the hand that feeds them) & sometimes let me pick them up by hand out of the water. Try doing that with a Tilapia who are very wild & spiky & don’t like that sort of thing at all! One more thing to consider is the monetary value of Koi is far more than Tilapia although they take longer to grow to full size.



So we have grown a multitude of different veg including mini aubergines & now we have some strawberries & a lemon tree. You can grow almost anything with Aquaponics but taller plants are a problem in our grow tent as the lighting doesn’t penetrate enough to be able to do them justice, adding more powerful lights would solve this problem. As a tip for a monetary crop try looking into Water Cress as this loves to grow in Aquaponics sydtems & is rather costly to buy.


Here are some pictures of the fish & plants that we have grown.


* Bristol Fish Project – New Course Starting in October in Bristol for more details.

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Wiggle Wire and Temperature Control in a Greenhouse

Wiggle Wire and Temperature Control in a Greenhouse Whe […]
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A good idea to insulate the poly tunnel!

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50 Insane Facts About Plants – Infographic

“Plants are all around us – and as well as being pretty to look at, they can also be useful and deadly. We’ve put together 50 insane facts.”


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Automatic Watering System (Part 4)


Ok so I am into the 3rd week of this experiment & the growth rates are pretty amazing on both set ups.  The Tomatoes on the Canna nutrients using the Smart Valves automatic watering devices have grown tall & proud & flowers are appearing!  The foliage seems to be a paler green rather than a lush green & I worry that the Smart Valves are not releasing nutrient solution regularly enough because the Polymer crystals may not be drying out quickly enough?

I have changed to Canna Flores, the bloom nutrient from Canna this should help with the flower production sites.   The smaller Bolivian Rainbow & Medusa Chilli plants seem to be lacking a bit in bulk of foliage but the Jalapeno, Cayenne & Anahien that i had left over from last year are looking good & have started to flower.

IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2036 IMG_2037 IMG_2039 IMG_2040


On the Autopots Easy2go automatic watering valves side of the greenhouse using the AutoTabs organic time release tablets the growth is not as high but seems to be more bulky especially in the Chillies.  The foliage looks a darker green again indicating over feeding but its not as dark as last week.  There also seems to be a fair bit of leaf wrinkling & withering upwards in the top of the Tomatoes which suggests over watering.  I think I know the cause of this – my plant tray is being pushed down in one corner by the water reservoir & this is causing the water to pool in one corner.  The Auto2go valve is in the opposite corner from the pooling water I believe its drying out & letting more water in before the pooling corner can dry out.  I will address this soon as the reservoir is almost empty by wedging in wood to raise that corner  Auto Pot valves work best if you have a  perfectly flat plant tray & the suction between the bottom of the valve & tray by the water would keep the valve down until it dried out but alas my trays have moulded ridges in them. 

IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2033


Time will tell with what happens?  Subscribe to my Blog if you want to now the outcome of this experiment.  In the mean time – Happy Growing


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Everything You Need to Know About Vegetable Gardening in One Graphic

Vegetable gardening is both an art and a science. Figuring out when and where to plant the vegetables, what pests to look out for, when to harvest, and all the other fine details could be enough to make anyone dizzy. Luckily, there’s this infographic with all the info.


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This former semiconductor factory is now the world’s largest indoor farm, producing 10K heads of lettuce per day

This indoor Japanese farm uses LED lights and hydroponics to produce lettuce 2.5 times faster, with just 1% of the water, when compared to an outdoor farm.


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